Proactive Threat Hunting

Stay One Step Ahead with Silent Push

ScorpionShield uses Silent Push to offer exceptional Proactive Threat Hunting services. This technology enables the identification and tracking of malicious infrastructure before it is armed, providing proactive defense against emerging threats.

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Key Features:

Early Threat Detection:

Silent Push analyzes and enriches global IPv4 data, revealing Future Attack Indicators (FAIs) that include domain, IP, and URL data.

Continuous Monitoring:

The service includes monitoring suspicious activities and detecting daily changes in your organization’s public DNS presence, protecting against phishing, malvertising, and spoofing attacks.

Behavioral Analysis:

Utilize the Silent Push platform to create behavioral fingerprints of adversaries, enabling the identification of malicious campaigns before their launch.

Benefits for Your Organization

  • Advanced protection against a wide range of attack vectors.

  • Ability to proactively respond to emerging threats.

  • Robust defense of your brand and organization’s digital security.

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